Monday, 5 September 2016

Strategies in Watercolor Painting: A building in the Tuscsan landscape

When you prepare to make a watercolor painting it really helps if you use certain strategies.
Particularly if you have a landscape with a building in it.

Most people would focus on the building first and then paint vegetation around it. That's the direct opposite to what you should do.

In this video you can see how to prepare for a painting in watercolor using an easel and how using vegetation to frame your architectural elements helps enormously when it comes to choosing the values for the buildings.

Strategies in watercolor


  1. Really lovely, Tom! What do you think of the quality of the Schminke paints? Just curious.

    1. Hi Betty
      I really like them. Very smooth. The pigment is finely ground and the flow is smooth.

      The oils are good too. Fine quality and they dry well. The only complaint I have is the buttery quality of the oils, particularly the titanium white. I prefer thicker whites with denser pigment.