Saturday, 13 August 2016

Plein Airs Crop of Colors this October in Tuscany

Autumn in Tuscany with Tuscany Plein Air brings you the bountiful crops and colors of October.

The hills of Florence are extremely pretty at all times but especially as the colors begin to change to a golden autumnal hue.

Though still warm, the summers heat has dissipated and a springlike ambiance cloaks everything in a gentle colorful gold as the plush greens of summer turn a gentle amber yellow.

A beautiful time and place to paint plein air.

It's the time for the harvesting of fruits, grapes and olives.  Locals and farmers work together to take in the harvest and you will have plenty of opportunity to capture rural scenes that are rarely experienced by people who are not Italian.

Make your reservation for this wonderful painting opportunity where our artist guides will happily show you how to capture this gentle beauty and ambiance in oils or watercolor. 

Mists in the morning and evening are normal at this time of year and they add to the romance of the environment. A great opportunity for watercolorists and oil painters alike.
Ancient abandoned farms in this area provide many rustic painting scenes and have won recognition and exhibitions for previous attendees of Tuscany Plein Air.

Pat Mahony

Tony Robinson

Maria Levinge

among others.

Octobers colors are magnificent. Changing from green to yellow and red especially among the ancient oak trees. The key to capturing this transition is an understanding of color values. We will show you how to translate colors into values and how they work with nature.

Reserve your place
as soon as possible to take advantage of this great event. Spaces are limited and the deadline for bookings is the 29th of August.

But values are just one element of the artistic process. Composition is important. Although we can all recognise a good composition it's not always easy to translate that to a canvas or watercolor paper. We show you the simple methods that realist painters use. Step by step. It's very easy when you know how.

Yes, there's more of course. We'll go through everything that we show all our artists and explain brushes, mediums, paints and how to prepare a canvas.

Thanks to our arrangement with the owners of this ancient 13th century villa, we can dedicate even more time to our students and the painting process. 

The local architecture is a mix of Norman style churches, local homes and 13th century monasteries.  There are plenty of locations that are approved for hiking. 
The residence is close to Florence and you will see the early morning mist as it rises over the not so distant city. We will be far from the hoards of tourists but always close to the beauty of it's architecture and the city's gifts of history and charm. 

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