Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Plein Air Sketching

Apart from Plein Air painting, sketching around Florence is a very good way to see and get to know the city.

Today was a drawing day with a group of artists in the Fondazione Romano which is located in the Piazza Santo Spirito in Florence. Here we studied the architecture and artifacts which were donated by the son of a sea captain, Salvatore Romano. Inside are statues, paintings and access to the cloisters of the church of Santo Spirito.

The group consists mostly of young artists some of whom are students in the local Art Academies.
After drawing we escaped the March winds with a coffee in the 'Volume Cafe' in Santo Spirito where we compared notes and tips on art and painting.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Welcome Spring to the Oltrarno en Plein Air

Palazzo Belfiore and Tuscany Plein Air invite you to participate in a Plein Air painting event for artists of all levels of experience and age. Participating Artists will be exhibited at a reception in the Palazzo after 2 days of painting.

The opening reception is at:
Palazzo Belfiore. Via dei Velluti, 8, 50125 Firenze. It is open to artists at all levels of experience. There is no participation fee.

Artists are invited to paint the Oltrarno en Plein Air this Spring. The Oltrarno is famous for it's creative community and this Spring we would like artists to celebrate the fresh new light and inspiration which the end of winter brings.

17th of March 6pm. Welcoming reception and introduction.
18th-19th March: Painting the Oltrarno.
19th March: 3-4pm deliver paintings to the Palazzo Belfiore.
19th March. 6pm Exposition and prize giving.

More Details: 

17th March at 6pm.
The opening reception and introduction where you can meet and team up with other participating artists and prepare to paint together for the 2 day event.

18th-19th March:

Over the following 2 days you can paint the Oltrarno from any vantage point. Paintings made on the bridges and paintings made from the opposite side of the Arno, looking towards the Oltrarno are acceptable. Prizes for novice, experienced and professional level artists will be awarded at the final reception.

19th of March: 
Artists are asked to hand in their work for judging between 3 and 4pm. 
A reception and announcement of prizes will be held in the Palazzo Belfiore from 6pm.

You can paint or draw the Oltrarno using your own materials, in any medium, with no artwork size restrictions. Paintings made on the bridges and paintings made from the opposite side of the Arno, looking towards the Oltrarno are acceptable. Artworks of participating artists should be for sale. No commission is placed on sales. Artists supply name, contact number and price on the works when handing in between 3 and 4pm on the 19th of March. Framing is not obligatory but the works should be capable of supporting their own shape. The organisers are excluded from entering artworks for prizes but can hang their works in the event. There is no fee for participation.

About Palazzo Belfiore: http://www.palazzobelfiore.it
About Tuscany Plein Air: http://www.tuscanypleinair.com

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