Friday, 29 April 2016

Our first Spring Workshop.

Our Spring workshops begin in Tuscany from the 30th of April and tomorrow we meet the participants for the first time. Many have already arrived in Florence and we are enjoying their posts on Facebook as they explore the city.

There are students from Australia and England participating in this weeks workshop and we're really looking forward to meeting with them.

In addition to the workshop participants two people are offered a scholarship on each workshop event and this Spring we have gifted an honorarium to one artist who has been very important to the Plein Air movement in Europe.

Tony Robinson is a founder of Art in the Open, the Irish Plein Air event that so many in Europe and the USA love to take part in. Ireland is an incredibly beautiful country. Despite that it doesn't have a huge reputation in the visual arts so the influence of Art in the Open and it's effect on Irish peoples awareness of the painting is very admirable and important.

The scholarship winners for the 30th of April - 7th of May are Jennifer Sendell and Michele Karlsson.  Jennifer is from England and Michelle is from the USA.

The scholarship participants during the May31st - June 7th workshop are George Thomas from England and Natalia Eremina from Moscow, Russia.

We're really looking forward to meeting everyone and getting into that creative dynamic.
Have a great and painterly day.