Saturday, 21 May 2016

Half way through Spring Pleinair

The workshops and paintouts have been great so far. We've had some really brilliant people with us and have had lots of fun and made good friends.

The weather was mostly wonderful the first week but it rained occasionally on the second. None the less it was extremely beautiful and we took advantage of the tower which afforded us great views and protection from rain, to explore that atmosphere.

The villa exceeded our needs in terms of space and we barely used many of the rooms. The tower room was probably the most useful. Not only does it sport a large fireplace and lots of seating arrangements but we could pop in and out from painting to chill out with a cup of tea very easily up there.

A demonstration on using watercolor and the view finder for composition.
The landscape has a lot to offer here. Very close to the villa there are really interesting and dynamic views to experience.
Some of the rustic buildings are being renovated so in the next couple of years that ambiance will have changed but the aerial perspective across the hills won't change. It's in sharp contrast to the brilliant Spring light and the colors are marvelous.

We have been blessed with lots of wild flowers, red poppies and lots of beautiful scents from herbs and wild lavender. I'm looking forward to the next session which begins on the 31st for 7 days.

I could go on and on about how great it is but I'd like to thank Chiara who was our chef for the week. She really made the event work like a dream.

Sunset by Jennifer Sendall.
Red roofs by Tony Robinson

Some value studies.
More value studies. These take about 20 minutes and are like simplifies paintings.
Once you grasp these it is a lot easier to move up to more complex pieces faster.