Friday, 29 May 2015

Preparing the Curriculum

Reservations for the September workshops are almost complete.
Only one room in the villa remains and now we are focusing our attention on the curriculum.

There is a great deal to cover. To transmit the knowledge in a comprehensive and enjoyable manner we have been distilling down the information. Smoothing the way for interesting questions and lively discussions.

Analysing our own works, objectifying and breaking down the process and working methods. Much of painting becomes automatic so this is a good stepping back process and will make giving the knowledge to you, a lot easier.

Here is one recent exercise. Making a painting using a photograph, in order to analyse a step by step method of painting.

Breaking down the stages:

1/ Preparing a canvas for painting.

2/ How to compose an image.

3/ Laying out the drawing, best methods for fast and accurate work.

4/ Establishing the darks. Why, how and when.

5/ Establishing a color map. Why, how and when.

6/ Second shadows.

7/ Second colors.

8/ Finishing.

A painting made using a photograph as reference usually has less vibrancy than a painting done in the field but it is a great exercise to learn from. Painting from a photo compliments the art of painting from life. With less distractions and a controlled environment we can focus on the elements that make up an image.

It might help to consider:
  • What creates aerial perspective.
  • What is physical perspective.
  • What are values.
  • How values make a complex form into a simple form.
  • Where do we see reflected light.

Understanding these topics will make it easier to put them in context when we paint from nature.

Looking forward to seeing you in September.

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