Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Scholarship Finalist is .........

Thanks to all the artists who applied for the scholarship this year with Tuscany Plein Air.

It was a pleasure to speak with the shortlisted artists via Skype. It would be lovely to have everyone attend but unfortunately that isn't possible.

Although the standard was very high throughout and the artists all had a lot of appeal on many different levels, it came down to two finalists and it was extremely difficult to chose between them.

We literally split every hair possible to come to a decision. 

The last two whom we struggled with were Chula Beauregard and Pat Mahony.

Both great artists, each in their own way and a pleasure to speak with and share insights. However, this September we are forced to choose only one of the two.

And the Finalist is.....
Pat Mahoney

You can see Pat's art here http://www.mahonyart.com

We are sincerely looking forward to the process of learning and teaching with Pat this September.

Thanks once again to everyone who contacted us with an application for this years scholarship. We hope to meet you at some point in the future.

For people interested in learning about Chula Beauregards art, please visit her site http://chulabeauregard.com

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