Friday, 18 September 2015

First Few days at the Villa

We've been painting at the villa for the last week and it's been quiet a pleasure as well as a great painting experience. The art guests have come from all over the world. Canada, the USA, Ireland and Australia and everyone is enjoying the experience as well as perfecting their art.

Guests have been very surprised by the quality of the experience. We're not blowing our own trumpet here, it's been the topic of conversation at many evening meals. Some of which have been in the villa and others in local restaurants. In the villa we owe thanks to our cooks and to the great assistance of Chiarra Perondi who has looked after the house every day while we've been painting.

We've visited the gardens of the Corsini Family as guests of Donna Georgiana Corsini who is also a painter. The original plan was to visit many different locations around Florence to paint but the fact is that everyone is so enamored by the location that no one wanted to leave, so we have mostly painted from the villa every day. It has amazing views and painting opportunities.

Here are a few photos from the last few days. We will be finishing up on Sunday. It's been a great experience so far and bodes well for future events.

Meeting for the first time in Florence before visiting Zecchis for art supplies. 
Our first evening at the villa. Eating on the terrace under the stars.
Our Australian artist, enjoying her visit to Florence.

Painting in the Corsini Gardens, Florence.

Choosing a view from the villa.

Explaining color mixing and values.

Very glad to have a watercolorist among us.

Color mapping a scene.

Our scholarship winner at work studying the landscape

In the Corsini Gardens

Wild tortoise wander all over the Corsini gardens. It's obviously a very old tradition.

Study of a statue in the Corsini Gardens.

A part of the panoramic view, every day.

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  1. The Tuscany Plein Air experience is one I shall never forget; and hope to do it again one day. Thank you Llewellyn, Tom and Rory for all of your hard work, patience and willingness to share knowledge that you have gained through many years as practicing artists. I recommend this to everyone. Heather